The rejects

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The rejects

ep2 s1

eric landed and looked around the ship.. he saw the phase gate where he came in..


it closed quickly..


โ€œwell, i guess were staying here!#โ€


he starting off walking to a nearby water source, and drank.

โ€œthere we go..โ€

โ€œgonna do anything useful?#โ€

eric looked at HLNA..

โ€œim taking care of my thirst!โ€

eric then walked around more looking up at the ship..

โ€œwell better make a shelter..โ€

eric set down a quick tent..

โ€œawww.. making your first shelter.#โ€


he saw a platypus looking thing..

โ€œTF is that!โ€

he walked up to it

โ€œi name it.. big mommy milkers!.. actually thats not that mature..โ€


โ€œi know a name!.. maiwing!โ€


well.. well.. well... will they do something more useful?.. will eric copyright maiwing from HLNA?.. idk.


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