The righteous (aberrant Version)

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The righteous (aberrant Version)

Chapter 1

John looked over at Eric and said. “Eric.. you’ve been with me all the way on this journey.. through the creepy swamps.. the dangerous redwoods and cold mountains.. this is our final test!”

“Well, yeah.. I appreciate that but.. what’s... that?” Said Eric

“Hide!” Whispered John

A pack of ravager were hunting a bulbdog, the bulbdogs bioluminescent light gave it away, the leader of the ravagers snapped its spine with its teeth.

“Holy f&$* did that just happen?” Said Eric

“Be quiet!!” Whispered John

The ravagers heard Eric ruffling in the bushes.. they crawled up slowly and.. grabbed Johns arm by surprise, the ravagers dragged him away as Eric shot them with him simple pistol.

“No!” Cried Eric asthe ravagers dragged him

“Save yourself!” Yelled John as he got dragged into a bush, blood splattered everywhere, there was too many.. he jump off the cliff and deployed with his glider

“Why!!” Eric cried “Why!” As he glided down into the water of aberration..

Next chapter on karkinos! Hope you enjoyed! :D

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