genesis genes

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genesis genes

chapter 1 s1)

now we see here, your ultimate challenge..the genesis simulation, survival is the key, strength, smarts and brute force.. what will happen, well.. your about to find out.

victor wakes up, with nothing in his mind, remembering the time where he started.. blood rushed through his body.. and looked around..

โ€œwoah! what are you?โ€

(ill be putting a # for HLNA so you know what characters are talking)

โ€œHLNA, youโ€™re artificial guide#โ€

โ€œwell, where am i?โ€

โ€œthe genesis simulation..#โ€

victor sighs in relief that this isn't real..

โ€œwell we better get started..โ€

**insert epic montage of gathering stuff**

โ€œwell now that im all bundled up, time.. to go!โ€

he looked around..

โ€œbut where to..โ€

HLNA pulled up a map of the bog


โ€œmaybe over there survivor looks safe?#โ€

victor nodded yes and starting following the map.

but then, he came cross.. you wont guess it.. a... DODO..well thats not to bad, but outta nowhere.. ANOTHE-.. dodo?

ok i was really expecting something to happen.. a sarco came out of the water an snatched a dodo

โ€œOH NO!โ€

he pulled out his bow and fired.. many arrows, then the sarco was getting aggressive, and grabbed victor and killed him off..

(disclamer: victor did not actually die because.. you guessed it.. a simulation.. so yeah)

โ€œwell that happen-#โ€

โ€œdont start..โ€

what shall happen does HLNA know.. probably, does your dead dog kno-

oh that was dark.. nevermind

anyways weโ€™ll see! -HJK

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