The rejects

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The rejects

episode 1 s1

[distortions found]

[breaching cannot be contained]

[reaching 6581 mph]

[fire warning]


[ nuclear reactor critical ]


[crash landi-]





eric grabbed a parachute and jumped off the ship

“ill meet you on the other si-“

ship explodes


eric fell.. reminding himself of when he fell from the cliff on aberration.. and when he fell off the mountain on the island.. reminds him of the times... hes lost too much.. john.. his raptor... and barb, the things hes lost compared to the things his got.. life is inevitable in many ways.. and thats how it will be..


“what is this pla-“

“rockwells vess-#”


“what survivor-#)

“scared me HLNA”

eric looked to the sky dropping down-

“is that a archaeopteryx-?”

the archaeopteryx bit through his parachute


he fell to the ground.. atleast his tek boots saved him..


“theres some good news.. and some bad news!#”


“rockwell hasn't completely taken over the ships control systems..”


“the bad news is.. he’s diligently working on doing just that..#”


“so i guess we will have another one on those..#”



and so they go!.. so got any ideas.. HMmmMmMmMmMm


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