The righteous (aberration version)

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The righteous (aberration version)

Chapter 5

After Eric had some trouble with a basilisk, he stumbles across the radiated zone, blue trees.. pink water and many dangers lurking..

Eric comes across some sort a lantern

โ€œHuh whatโ€™s that?โ€ He said

Then he looked on the other side of it, and the words described.. Kill Demons with a drawing off a weird humanoid figure..

โ€œWell thatโ€™s.. edgy but cool!โ€ He said surprisingly

He walked into the radiated zone as he put his hazmat helmet on

And his featherlight lit up with a bright light

โ€œHuh, thatโ€™s strangeโ€ he said as he walked pass a phew ankys

Then a seeker came out of nowhere and snatched the featherlight!

โ€œNo! Featherlight!โ€ Cried Eric

A rumble came from the ground as these element infused humans.. creepy and disfigured anomalyโ€™s.. we call, the nameless

โ€œOh god!โ€ Said Eric in a scared voice

The nameless seemed to have radiation in its veins and itโ€™s eyes started to glow as it got bigger and.. creepier!

โ€œOh.. no!โ€ Eric yelled

He powered up the charge lantern, the nameless tried to cover their eyes from the light, but it was to strong the nameless crawled back underground..

โ€œThat was.. an encounter...โ€ said Eric in a tired voice

What will happen next to Eric? Find out in the rockdrake tips! Will he find civilization? Huh makes ya wonder.

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