te righteous (aberration version)

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te righteous (aberration version)

chap 6 (also to lamprey: thank you for your support <3 )

after eric had that weird namless encounter, he stumbled opone a sizeable village with high stone walls and guards with crossbows, this will be a nice place to stay, then.. he walked in the behemoth gate.

“well, this place is nice!”

he looked around and saw many different trading stations, eggs, veggies, and even glow pets!

“i mean.. i am kinda hungry.”

he walked up to the counter and said

“hey what can a i buy?”

“lets see.. we got, rockarrots, potatoes, citronol.. and yeah!” said the seller

“ill take 3 rockarrots”

“alright.. that’ll be.. 2.99!”

eric handed over the money and walked away.

“well, atleast my hunger is situated..”

he looked around more and saw ‘rockdrake breeders’

“ooh, rockdrakes, i mean.. i have the money.”

he walked up and said

“hey, about your drakes?”

“yeah?” said the seller

“for sale?”

“yes indeed”

“oh great!”

“500 dodocoins..”

he thought about his decision..

“uhh, sure ill get it..”

the person pointed over the the blue, black, red and white female drake.

“well, heres your money” he handed the money over.

he hopped on his rockdrake and walked out the gate..

“well, i have a drake!.. but no money.”

ok! lets think! what will happen to eric in his bankrupt life, with a rockdrake to take care of..

kinda reminds me of my cat... huh.

anyways thanks lamprey! next one on reaper :D

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