the righteous (aberration version)

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the righteous (aberration version)

chapter 7

after eric got his rockdrake.. and no money! But we dont talk about the no money part ok? AhEm, anyways, he sets off a journey to.. rockwell, over the years his tribe has collected the artifacts, each of them, stalker, depths, and shadows, he has went through trauma having his friend FRICKING die on chap 1, well we meet him again in the scary a very mysterious mystical and creepy underground ecosystem.. we call aberration *** epic DUNNN hits or whatever :/ ***

โ€œwell, i better continue my journey.. rockwell.. oh rockwell, youve been playing with my mind alright!โ€

โ€œand now, im gonna play with yours..โ€

he walked out of the village after grabbing a bulbdog for safety and leaving rarks (the raptor) at the dino center.

โ€œbye rarks!โ€

โ€œi guess im on my own... well atleast i got this bulbdog and the drake..โ€

he jumped into the air at accelerating speed, and pounced himself onto a cliff.

โ€œWoo! that is fun, maybe its isnt so ba-โ€œ

a reaper queen shot its dangerous poison spores at him

โ€œoh god!โ€

he fell to the ground as his rockwell coward in fear and flew away

the reaper queen sniffed him out, eric scared and in fear..

the reaper queen grabbed him with its tail and a spike sprung into his back

โ€œARGH!โ€ yelled eric

the reaper queen dug itself back into the ground..

eric.. in pain he felt like he was gonna die.. then a old man appeared..

โ€œhello.. young oneโ€

โ€œhey.. can you help me?..โ€

โ€œhmm... looks like you've been impregnated by a reaper queen.. rare.โ€


the man gave him a jar of reaper pheromone and nameless venom.

โ€œthis is for?โ€

โ€œso it doesn't kill you...โ€

โ€œwell, thanks..โ€

his rockdrake came back and he hopped on..

whatll happen next? i wonder.. no i really dont know :)

BUT! i have ideas ;)

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