the righteous

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the righteous

chapter 5

the mystery of the giga. (imma do episode names now, so enjoy that)

when eric and john finished there surprising battle with the giga the sat down at the local bar to talk..

“so.. john, that was fun”

“no it was war..”

“true.. true.”

eric was still thinking of how it got down to the plains..

“eric.. we need to talk, about that giga”


“first we needa figure out how it got here.. lets go inspect.”

they walked up to the dead giga..

“hmm.. john nothing over here..”

“alrigh- wait.. whats that..”


eric looked on the gigas torso and it said: Subject 335 raider machine.

“it must be the SAE!”

“are we sure.. maybe the... Reds”

“no not reds..”

“alright then.”

eric a john went back and told the new to the leader..

“sir! we found out that the giga belonged to the SAE!”

“the SAE!?”

“i thought it was wild.. it was attacking its own team.”

“john, it must have been in rage mode!”

“good point eric.”

they went back to the swamp the next morning.

“so.. john we figured it out..”

“cant believe they have gigas.. And 334 more of them!”

“we dont know that...”

“well i just have that feeling.”

they finally stopped thinking about it and fell asleep..

im not gonna say anything.. just upboot.. just do.. please do it, do it, just do IT COMON MAN DO IT.. fine.. i give you cookie if you do.. deal?


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