this is a story of a brave and courageous megalo: melon

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this is a story of a brave and courageous megalo: melon

i tamed melon at level 135 he was perfect, i tamed him in safe waters, he helped me alot with killing other sharks and even a leedsichthys!

when he was level 187 i took him out for a run, it went great! i collected alot of prime fish and tamed another megalo level 100, it was fine... i guess but still melon was my favourite!

anyways, he was good for pvp underwater, i ran into a guy on the plesiosaur, and killed him easily.. his plesiosaur was only level 90 or something, but melon took it out! especially with the bleed, took a lot of damage, but melon was fine, so i took him out to gather pearls.

i got 2000 pearls before stopping, and i even got a deep sea drop with a apprentice megalodon saddle, the saddle was good, then i went to look for a tuso, cuz i had black pearls.. BUT THEN i was tagged by a pack of megalos when i was off melon, i couldn’t do anything.. but then MELON.. he came in and attacked the megalos a viscous battle, i saw him destroying them!.. and he won, then i failed ti find any tuso and gave up, as i went home.. you wont believe it.. A GODAMN JELLY MOTHAF**KING FISH, he was trapped by like 10.. i tried and tried to save him with harpoons.. then i

i ran outta stamina and one came for me.. it killed me.. i tried to get there, but before i could.. he’s already dead.. i killed of the jellyfish.. and took his saddle, put a grave down.. and a storage box with his saddle..

it was my fault.. i wasn’t paying attention.. im sorry melon, i really am..

Rip melon the shark :(

-sincerely, (sad)HJK

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