The righteous (aberration version)

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The righteous (aberration version)

Chapter 3

After Eric defeated the karkinos he set a journey to the mushroom forest.. we continue are adventure at the fertile lake

β€œSo.. it should be somewhere.. that way!” He pointed on a place on the map.

A big rumble came under him as a giant roll rat emerged under him!

He saw a red and green gem next to the roll rat

β€œoooh!” Said Eric

He grabbed the gems.

The rolerat turned right around and charged him

β€œOh s&#!” Eric yelled

He rolled out of the way in time

But the roll rat kept chasing him until it dug in the ground.. and as Eric thought he was safe.. it came under him and he flew into the air!

Dropping the gems

β€œAgh!” Said Eric

The rollrat was still mad

His raptor bit it’s forearm and the rollrat bit the raptors eye out

β€œNo! Rarks!” He yelled

The raptor screeched and backed off

Eric got on rarks and rode away

Next one will be on basilisk! :D

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