The righteous (aberration version)

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The righteous (aberration version)

Chapter 2 ( read chapter 1 to understand! Itโ€™s on ravager)

As Eric sunk into the water, he tried his hardest to get to shore, there was a piranha biting at his feet, he pierced it with his pike

โ€œMust.. get.. to shoreโ€ Eric said half underwater

He got to the shore to a raptor staring right at him

He didnโ€™t have energy so.. he accepted his Fate

But.. there was some thing familiar about this raptor..

โ€œRarks? Is.. that youโ€ said Eric

The raptor sniffed him out, and got low sod Eric could ride her.

โ€œItโ€™s really you rarks!โ€ He said as he got on the raptor

He noticed on his soggy map that he was heading to mushroom forest..

But then! A giant blue and purple karkinos came crawling out with a stomp

โ€œUh oh!โ€ Said eric

His raptor bared her teeth and snarled

The karkinos tried to grab the raptor but sheโ€™s to fast!

โ€œThis is not good!โ€ Yelled Eric

The raptor let out a screech of pain when the karkinos stepped on it

The raptor called with a roar and 3 other raptors jumped on the karkinoses back as they ripped the chitin plates off its back, finally killing it, it tumbled to the ground as the raptors ran away

Eric looked at rarks and said โ€œ this is gonna be an adventure..โ€

Next one on rolerat, I didnโ€™t start making storyโ€™s long ago! And I think Iโ€™m doing pretty good! :D luv u

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