the righteous

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the righteous

chapter 3 (btw the next story will be in the kapro section :D )

as eric and john got their campfire and tent set up, john fell asleep.. while eric had better things to do, he was walking through the shallow water of the swamps.. but then, he never expected this to happen

โ€œi really cant sleep, its hard to sleep in a swamp!โ€

eric looked around his surroundings and saw a diplocaulus

โ€œeasy kill..โ€

he raised his crossbow and took the shot, headshot! it died and tumbled over, he skinned it and took its skull for a helmet..

โ€œwell.. it fits!โ€

then he heard a low rumble from across the water and behind the trees..


he went to investigate, his crossbow high as he loaded a stone arrow into it.

โ€œwhat was that sound..โ€

he turned around to see a juvenile sarco standing behind him..

โ€œwell.. maybe there is some left... free foodโ€

he pulled out his metal axe and prepared to hack it open, when a huge adult sarco arrives at the surface of the water...

โ€œoh no!โ€

the sarco opened its jaw, trying to make eric back off.

eric backed away slowly

โ€œthis is bad..โ€

then someone wearing full flak armour jump on the sarcos back from the cliff, and stabbed the sarco with their sword.


they didnโ€™t respond.

they whistled over their argentavis after killing the beast.. they flew away.

โ€œwell, now i have my food, may as well keep the juviโ€

he picked up the juvenile sarco, as he walked back to camp.

what shall happen next :)

i aint gon tell you

you dont deserve.

maybe if i get more support

iโ€™ll probably just make another, but if you do it would be nice :)

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