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The righteous

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The righteous

Chapter 2

Again we meet our soon to be.. saviours of swamp fever.

Travelling through the swamp cautiously..

“What do you mean John their all dead!” Eric said

“We’re not sure of that.. yet, just be carful” John said

John discovered a pile of dried blood and.. the tooth of a sarco, with many dead leeches.

“Whats that.. John?” Eric mumbled

“Leech blood!” John said in a proud voice

“But we probably shouldn’t walk home at night..” John said

“Why?” Said eric

“Troodons..” said John with a scared voice

“There’s other ways out right.. lemme look at the map” said eric

Eric looked at the map and tried to find ways out.

“Huh if go left we might end up on craggs island” said Eric

“You remember what happened on craggs island?” Said John

“What?” Said Eric

“What’s on craggs island.. stays on craggs island”

Eric looked over a John and said.. “well it’s dangerous in the swamp!”

John sighed and said “just one night.”

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