kark tales

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kark tales

(ep1 s1)

[the coincidence]

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eric took cover

he looked at the hatchframe to the basement

“ill hide there!”

he swiftly ran too it.


“oh no!”

rex roars


“lucky im down he-“

thump.. thump.. thump

“Wait!.. thats not a normal rex!”

it screeched loudly


the rex grabbed someone with its tentacle like tongue.

“well.. theres food down here.. not that much...”

the rex reeled them in.


“sounds.. nice up there..”


eric looked out the hatch to see the rex chasing them

“that rex isnt.. normal... like its mutant!..”

a compy with four eyes and six arms walked up to him


the compy nipped his arm

“hey!.. thats not normal..”

he scared the compy off

“whats happening-“

he looked around.. the trees malformed purple and white, weird bushes.. like Venus fly traps.. but huge!

“well.. that horribly bad..”

he walked to the nearby lake seeing trikes with 6 horns and parasaurs with giant spikes on its body..


then he saw sae, dumping toxic waste into the lake..

“what are they doing?”

a dodo drank from it and grew a giant beak

“its them that made these creatures!”

the dodo devoured a SAE.

“im dealing with the big fish!”




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