The righteous (scorched earth version)

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The righteous (scorched earth version)

Chap 1 (Season 2)

As Eric woke up in the middle of a scorching hot blazing desert, he was deserted.

“Huh.. where am I?”

A scream came from the nearby oasis “ AAAAA!! “

“That’s not good, better get there fast!”

Illustration by me ;*

Idea by my friend -*

*= Characters: from my brain *+

* Story: by the HJK ark team

HJK presents..

The righteous...

As Eric was running through the desert he was pounced by a huge mantis with swords

But there was a rider

“So you new around here” said ???

“Uhh, yes I suppose.” Said Eric

“Well what are ya doin out here, young man.” Said ???

“Well I’m kinda stranded could you help?” Said Eric

“Sure thing” she said As she shot a arthro dead with 4 shots of her simple pistol..

She handed him a strange object.. like a pod holding somethin!

“What’s this?” Eric said while he examined it..

“A cryopod” she said

“What does it do?” Eric said

“Through it” she said

Eric threw it out and a big light of blue came out.. and he saw.

A carno!

“Woah!” Eric said

“Works good.. but don’t through it out that often.. cryogenic sickness” she said as she left to the open desert.

“Wait! What’s your name!

“Barb..” she said and continued to ride out Into the distance

What will happen next will Eric make like a breeze or will it be a challenge? to see! On the jug bug!


Director: HJK

HJK: happy jelly kid

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