The righteous

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The righteous

chapter 2 season 1

(NOTE:you probably wont understand this if you didnt read the first one onscout drone!!!)

After eric obliterated the SAE guard he took out his cryopod holding a black and red reaper king, he threw it out.

“well, i guess this place.. a big city?”

eric had many thoughts going throughout his head.. he thought many

things, where am i, why is SAE here, am.. i the last HJK member?

+-* directed by: ME :)

idea by: my friend( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

characters: from my brain =)

HJK Presents

..the righteous..

“this will be another.. adventure?”

he hopped on the reaper.. and rode out a little.. he saw these sky high skyscrapers.. and 2 domes of desert.. and snow.. and a land in between, it looked dead and run down but, that will be his first destination..

he rode to the area.

“well this looks.. fun?”

“wait.. whats that?”

he saw a stego.. but not a normal one.. it looked purple and... black, like it had a disease or something.. eric walked up to it

“oh well.. thats not normal.”

when the stego spotted him it immediately swung its tail at him.

“oh god!”

he grabbed his assault rifle and took shots..


the stego fell to the ground and died after 17 shots pummeled in


he harvested the stego with his hatchet.. but he got some resource.. a strange one at that.

purple and black.. squishy.

“ill keep that for a trophy” he said as a enforcer came running at him


he got charged into the rock

“what is this thing?!”

he pulled out his sword and stabbed it 5 times in the back

sparks flew and it caught fire..

“Yeah! die!”

the creature fell and died..

“ooh.. free robot.”

he took the enforcer and planned to fix it.. to make it his.

that was exiting! im planning on making a animation soon.. but im not a good drawer, maybe a book will do?

anyways.. what will happen. do i know? do you know? does your 94 year old grandma know? well only one of those is correct.. i know :)


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