The righteous (aberration version)

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The righteous (aberration version)

Chapter 4 (Read chap 3 one to understand it’s on rollrat!)

After Eric escaped the rabid rollrat he discovers a nice calm plains with stegos, trikes, diplos and evening glow pets!

“Well this place looks nice, maybe I should set camp here” said Eric

He found a featherlight.. but, that ain’t right.

“I thought those things were in the radiated zone.. that’s strange.. guess I’ll tame it!”

He held out some azul berry seed in his palm

The featherlight ate them and went on his shoulder.

“Well, that was ea-“

The sound of a screech filled the plains

And over the hill..

A basilisk came slithering down

“Oh god!” Yelled Eric

The stegos set off a threatening display with the plates on their back

But the basilisk wasn’t scared and it shot a ball of poison at the stegos scaring them off

One brave trike charged it, piercing its skull

The basilisk bit the trike and tore its left horn off

“What should we do?!?!” Said Eric

The diplos whipped it with their tails

But that just made it angry

It stormed through and ripped apart a juvi trike

“We gotta get outta here!” Yelled Eric

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll be doing next on the nameless :D luv u

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