the righteous

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the righteous

chapter 4

after eric came out of a very close encounter, he went back to camp with his new sarco, he knew something wasn't right..

as eric woke up john was gone.. and the sarco!



“yeah eric come out here.. im fishing..”


eric walked out of the tent to see smoke coming from the north..

“huh whats that.. john?”

“a raid probably happened to a small village..”

“you mean the kra village?”

eric looked on his map.. and pointed at the village location when a huge roar came from the village.. eric went up the cliff to see, many men in flak with rexes carnos and argents..

“oh god.. i better help!”

he saw on the side of bronto platform saddle the words: SAE

“its them SAE!”

he finally got into the warzone..

arrows flying.. swords swinging, a SAE attacked him with a pike.

“hey! what are you guys doing here!

“you dont need to know...”

the SAE attacked him, eric swung his sword, and penetrated the SAEs flak, eric swung 2 more times and slits the SAEs neck.. running through the field killing more and more!

“almost there!“

“not yet..”

the 3rd war leader came out with a simple pistol.. pointing it at erics head..

“well.. i remember you... eric”

“dont.. shoot.”

“oh i wont.. not yet!”

eric was scared.. but a big roar came from behind him.. john running from a giga!

“eric! whats going on?”

the leader and its army ran..

“i dont know!”

“well run eric!”


the kra people shot flaming arrows at the giga, it just made it more mad.. they then let out 6 kapros to attack the gigas legs!


“come on people get in!” yelled the kra gate guard

eric and john ran inside climbed up a tower and started firing..

“its getting bloody!”

the giga roared and ran away..

“thats weird, why are there gigas here?”

“i dont know eric..”

“somethings up..”

what will happen next :) do i know? do you know? does your dog know?

well.. probably not on the last one but who cares! :D next one on carno

(btw im doing random dinos, but its fun :D )

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