The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter 68-

The Five were led down a narrow trail that wound through the colorful woods, orange and gold colored branches reaching out for them. Forest took a moment to admire the strange place, then moved on.

Soon enough they approached a clearing in the forest. The air was filled with new sounds and smells, and as they entered, Forest saw a cluster of small burrows and caves dug into the hillside. Shadowmanes of many colors peeked out curiously, and a few passing juveniles called to one another as they stopped to eye the newcomers. Two Shadowmane kits tumbled off of a fallen log next to Crimson, their big eyes widening as they looked up at the Kapro. Crimson huffed at them, and they yelped and ran away.

Finally a couple of Shadowmanes spotted Nyx, calling her name happily. Nyx ran forward and greeted them, smiling.

One of the juveniles edged to Moonbeams side, whispering into her ear. He nodded in Forests direction, and Moonbeam replied softly, “I don’t know.” She inclined her head to him, padded over to Nyx and the other Shadowmanes, and Forest heard her say, “I must speak with Orbit. Where is he?”

One flicked her tail towards the largest cave. It looked like it served as a common area, by all the Shadowmanes bustling about inside. Moonbeam thanked and gestured for Nyx and the others to follow.

It was a circular, vast cave with a few dens inside of it, accompanied by the familiar scent of fresh kill and water. Another pair of kits ran by, laughing, as they play-fought one another roughly. A female Shadowmane exited a small cave in the corner, letting out a roar to the kits. They perked their heads up and scurried her way.

Moonbeam took a turn and headed for one of the dens. “Orbit!” she shouted, stepping inside.

A Shadowmane the same size as Moonbeam came into view from the cave. His face lit up. “Nyx!” he cried. “You’re alright! Where—"

“They’re not here,” Moonbeam stated flatly. “It’s just her.”


“We need to talk.” Said Moonbeam. “Inside.”

They did, and Nyx explained everything to the two Shadowmanes; the Terror birds and the Ruins, the prisons, the escape, and everything in between.

And at the end of it all, Nyx said, “that’s pretty much it,” and took a second to scratch her frill with one talon.

Orbit sat down slowly, his expression unreadable. Moonbeam paced back and forth next to him, her tail twitching.

Forest wondered if this was the Orbit Nyx had mentioned. He had black scales with hints of violet and navy, along with several nebulas of green and blue around his back, torso and tail. He looked about seven years old, not even nearly as old as Blazeheart or Bramble.

Moonbeam stepped forward and glowered at Nyx. “You could have gotten yourself in serious trouble, Nyx.”

Nyx’s eyes dropped to the ground. “I know.”

“Helping these carnivores was the last thing you should of—"

“I had to help them!” Nyx burst out. “They were in trouble. The Terror birds were coming for them, and I couldn’t let that happen.”

Orbit rubbed his face blearily, letting out a sigh. “I’ll send a patrol to Runhiemr to fetch Blazeheart and the others. He needs to know you’re safe and back in camp.”

“No, Orbit,” Moonbeam said, padding over to stand beside him. “We cant risk drawing any attention to ourselves. If the Terror birds suspect anything… the whole camp could be put in more danger than ever. They cannot find out that the Five are here.” She brushed her tail against Orbit’s. “We’ve lost one home already.”

Orbit glanced back at her tail on his, then to her. He nodded slowly in understanding.

“Blazeheart will find out they have escaped soon enough,” Moonbeam continued. “and with that, they’ll be coming back before you know it.”

Orbit pulled himself to his feet before shaking himself from head to tail. “I’m glad your back,” he said to Nyx.

She smiled. “Me too.”

Forest noticed that Moonbeam had turned to him and his friends. “Must say, you lot have caught the attention of the whole camp, now, haven’t you?” she said with a small smile. “Guess they’re gonna need some explanations.”

Orbit trotted over to the opening of the cave. “Let’s go tell em’, then.”

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