The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter 48-

The carnivores were lead the rough the dark stone halls, lit up slightly by the occasional torch or lamp of fireflies. Forest cast a worried glance at Spark—the closest to him—and she blinked right back.

Eventually they approached a large set of thick grey doors. The lead Terror bird stepped forward and tapped his beak on the stone three times.

“You may enter.”

Two soldiers shoved at the doors, letting out a loud scraping noise as they opened. They question guide the Five inside.

It was a very large room—and at first Forest expected there to be treasure. A room as big as this had to be the throne room. A few tapestry’s hung on the walls and light shown through windows on either side—and in the middle of the room was a small, short table.

The Terror Bird that sat behind it looked up to them, swiping the notes he was studying into a small pile. Forest immediately got the impression that this carnivore knew much, much more than him.

“Thank you, everyone,” Said the Emperor. “You are all dismissed. I would like to question these five alone.”


“Now.” He said loudly, firmly. The Terorr birds inclined their heads and exited the room, closing the doors behind them. All that was left was the Five and the Emperor.

The Terror bird stood up and maneuvered around the table to take a closer look at them. “So we finally meet,” he said slowly. “The very Five I’ve heard all—“

before the Terror bird could finish, he suddenly wheezed loudly before breaking into a fit of dark, lung-churning coughs. He tired to take a deep, shaky breath, but coughed again, wheezed, and collapsed.

Forest immediately leapt forward to help him, catching the Terror bird before he hit the ground.

“Are you alright?” Nyx asked.

He nodded, and Forest helped him back up. “You need a healer,” Forest said to him.

“I’m fine,” the Emproror rasped. He inhaled deeply and straightened, stepping back. “Just getting old. My hearts not as strong as it used to be. Now, before we get distracted—I have questions for you all.”

“We—“ Forest began.

But the Emperor was already speaking. “What to you want with my land?”

“Nothing,” Forest said.

“We were just passing through,” Spark said. “We never meant to intrude in any way.”

“Why Runheimr?” The Emperor asked.

“We were hoping we’d find the fifth carnivore,” Forest explained. He glanced at Nyx with a smile. “And I think we did.”

She blinked at him. “What?”

“Hmmm,” The old Terror bird studied her with dark blue eyes. “You’re Nyx. Blazeheart’s daughter.”

“Yes,” Nyx said. “How is he?”

“He won’t leave my land until I’ve freed you,” The Emperor mused. “But I’ve been warned about you five, and I—“

“We don’t mean any harm,” Forest said desperately.

“We promise.” Nyx said. “Please, let us go.”

“If you don’t mean any harm,” the Emperor began, “then why do you carry a rune in your belongings?”

To be continued.

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