The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-sorry guys! Turns out a few chapters ago I accidentally put in two chapters with the title of “Chapter 7” so last episode I had it on “Chapter 8 I think” but it was really chapter nine so this is chapter ten!

-Chapter 10 👌😆-

“So where are we gonna go?”

“I’m not sure. Where are we now?”

Spark trekked by Forest, stamping her tback talons over wet grass. “We’ll, right now we’re in the broken meadows. We could go to the dark forest.”

“What’s that?” Forest asked.

“It’s the forest of many names,” Spark said. I have no idea which one is the original. “There’s too many to name count. I just call it the dark forest. Full of redwood trees. Lots of carnivores, too. We could go there!”

“Hmm,” Forest said. “What about the swamp?” He asked. “I heard good stories about that place.”

“The swamp is full of carnivores too, but also very dangerous creatures.” Spark explained, walking by a boulder. “Then again, it is really close. We could go through and then make way for the dark forest.”

“Alright,” Forest said.

Just then a feathered dinosaur, about Forests age, tumbled out of the bushes.

He wore a mischievous look on his face and struggled to his feet, clutching a chunk of meat in his talons. He laughed breathlessly, then spotted Forest and Spark. “Oh! Please don’t kill me.”

“You’ll regret that!” A voice shouted behind them, crashing through the bushes. The feathered creatures’ eyes widened and he flicked Spark with his tail. “Help me hide,” he gasped. “Help me or I’m screwed! As in dead!”

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