The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

Alrighty peeps! This is gonna get good! Keep reading you’ll see! 😋 lemme know what you think about the story in snail section.

-Chapter 21-

Forest opened his eyes. Rain battered lightly over his body, and he slowly lifted himself off the ground, night vision kicking in.

The sky was dark grey-blue, completely blocking out the sky and moon.

The others were sound asleep, apart from Rust, who was snoring.


Forest fixed his eyes on a specific spot. A specific spot behind the others, where a strange lump of shadow was slightly sticking out from the darkness.

And the shadow was breathing.

Forest flinched back. “Guys,” he whispered frantically. “Guys wake up!”

“Hello,” said the shape quietly. Forests scales prickled uncomfortably. “Hi,” he said.

“Do I know you?” The shadow asked.

“What would does that mean?” Forest asked. Spark said not to give ourselves away to just anyone. I have to be more careful.

“What is your name?” The creature asked.

“Forest.” He said. That’s wasn’t much.

“Forest?” The creature gasped. It stepped forward, but too far in the shadowy trees to be recognized. “Really? You couldn’t be—oh splendid. Who are the others?”

“Spark, Crimson and Rust,” Forest answered. “Why?”

The shape stepped an inch closer, and Rust rolled over, muttering in his sleep. Unluckily, His tail thwacked Sparks, and the Carnotaur jerked awake to swat him.

“Guys,” Forest called. “You might wanna wake up.”

Spark turned to where the creature was standing, squinting.

Crimson stood up, yawning. “What is it?”

“Look.” Forest said.

Crimson narrowed her eyes and glanced around, her lack of night vision obvious. “Look at what?”

“Shhh,” Spark said. She tilted her head to listen. Rust sat forward, shaking his feathers in the rain.

“Oh wow,” the shadow said enthusiastically. The others jumped back, throwing their heads towards where she stood. “You must be them. Peeri told me all about you.”

“Who are you?” Spark demanded.

A soft chuckle. “My name is Ripper,” the creature hissed.

A strip of moonlight escaped through the clouds as creature snaked her head forward.

Dim grey light was cast acrossed the creatures face.

And then Ripper smiled, exposing all of her sharp white teeth. “And I’ve been looking for you.”

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