The story of my three Dire Wolves…

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The story of my three Dire Wolves…

My first Dire wolfs name was Qibli. He was a sandy brownish yellow, and two best friends, who I tamed as well, naming them Winter and Umber. Me and my three good boys would do everything together. They were fast, fierce and had amazing stats. We loved to cave loot, and Qibli was by far my favorite.

But one day, after a very successful cave looting, we swam acrossed the river to get to our base. Sadly, with Umber being the slowest, he was taken from us by an evil drove of Piranha. I swore to get revenge.

A year passed. I still had Winter and Qibli. They were the best at everything, and we would always remember Umber.

After deciding to move our base, I took all my tames to a new spot by the Green Obelisk. But sadly, there were multiple difficulties. So, I decided to take Qibli to a cave for us to loot and get supplies. Wouldn’t be any different, right? We already survived the caves.

We never got there.

On the way, Qibli ran out of stam. Unfortunately a Stupid Therizinosaurus spotted us, and it attacked. We tried to escape, but Qiblis stam wouldn’t go up, so I had to jump of of him. Before I could whistle attack, it was too late.

I was an idiot. I admit that. I should have just attacked ahead of time, but I didn’t. It’s over now.

I still have Winter. I will always protect Winter no matter what. No risks.

That’s as the story of my three Dire Wolves. I have Winter to this day.

One /\ is one respect for my sweet boys Qibli and Umber, who never stopped being awesome.

Oh, and that Therizinosaurus? It didn’t live long after that.


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