The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-chapter two-

Forest was staring back at the dodo. Wondering if it understood him, he held out his talon. “ do you understand me?” He asked. It looked down at his claws, fluttered it’s wings, and glared up at him with a look of outrage.

Forest was genuinely baffled. “What? Did I say something to you? Bawk bawk! Does that mean anything?”

The dodo shrilled loudly, then hopped onto a rock ledge, then another. Forest followed it.

“are you a girl bird or a boy bird?” He asked, climbing after it. “I’ve never grown up with prey, so I’m not sure. Sorry about that.” He added.

It turned to makes sure he was following, shrilled again, and flapped it’s wings.

“You wanna fly?”

It frowned. Hah. Dodos frown.

“No?” He thought for a moment. Above them was more and more caves, littered with stalactites. “You want me to climb?”

Just as the bird opened its beak to answer, a soft cry came from above them. The dodos eyes widened, and it looked to Forest.

“Is someone in trouble?” He asked. Forest wasn’t much of a hero. “Who? Another dodo? No, that’s sounded like another carnivore…” he looked up, hoping for a clue.

The moan came again, louder and closer to than before. It sounded, old and hopeless. Who the heck was up there?

The dodo started squawking indignantly, and it pushed at his talons towards another boulder.

“Alright, alright, I’ll—I—I’ll go.” He dug his talons into the boulder, feeling I’ll. “That’s kind of high, and I’ve never tried climbing so much… but I’ll try.”

He leaped into the air, stabbing his claws into the nearest stalagmite.rock crumbled under his talons, and he jumped for the next wall, then jumped up again and found himself clinging onto rock. When he glanced down, the dodo watched with awe. “Almost there!” He called. Why am I doing this? He thought as he leapt for the highest ledge towards the sound.

This could be a trick— from a dodo? He slapped himself with his tail, climbing up to the cave entrance. No, this wasn’t a trick. Soon he’d help the dodo, be with his family, and everything would be back to—

He stopped, gasping at the large shape in front of him.

It was large, softly breathing int the dark, chilly cave air.

A dinosaur lay on the ground, and their glowing eyes met his.

“Leave now,” the creature hissed, writhing on the floor. “Before it gets you, too.”

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