I had a Griffin.

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I had a Griffin. His name was Theniden. He was the most frustrating tame, both me and my tribe mates went through so much trouble getting it. He was a lvl 70.

After the Griffin was knocked, upon my tribe mate asking, the admin came to help us get him tamed quicker. Not only did she get it tamed in an instant (bless her soul, thanks Xkay), but she also lvled him up to 450.

Now the thing is, I had heard that a tame would be wiped if it’s lvl went over 450. Worried, I asked if that was true. They told me it wouldn’t go over it. And, they were right, it didn’t…

For two weeks.

I was out lvling up all my tames, when I finished up and spotted his name. 451. Instantly full of guilt, I went, and I apologized to him. I really did. He was never my favorite tame, but now I loved him more than I had before. And soon he would be gone.

Later that day, instead of letting him disappear, I stupidly decided to unclaim him. Yes, I knew he’d hold a grudge. I knew he’d be wild again and attack me. But I wanted him to have just a few moments of freedom before he disappeared.

And I did, I brought him to the top of Griffin Mountain where all of his kind went. Right after he was unclaimed he flew up and attacked me and everything in sight.

Sorry for this long as heck story, hope you enjoyed it.

RIP, Theniden. He died free.


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