The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-chapter four-

Forest lapels lifted his head, gawking at scale after scale as the creature emerging from the cave rose to full height, hissing ominously.

Forest winced, and quietly laughed nervously. “Hello,” he whispered.

“Hello, Forest,” the Basilisk hissed, her voice as light as the most beautiful whisper. “I knew you'd come. Let’s talk.” She whipped out her tail as fast as lightning, coiled it around Forest, and swiftly slid down the tunnel.

The baryonyx goggled in dismay, watching as she slithered down the cave, taking Forest with her. Forest pushed and wiggled as hard as he could, but she had him in too much of a grip, and it was just tight enough for him to breath, so he wasn’t going to waste any time he had left provoking her.

“Where are you taking me?” He called ahead. The basilisk didn’t answer.

Slowly they approached a giant cave—bigger than any cave he’d ever seen—and she slowly dropped him loose, and slithered in a circle around him, so he had nowhere to go.

“What do you want?” He asked. “Why did you trap that old baryonyx down there—are you going to do that to me?” He wanted to be safe again, with his sisters and brother, with his mother and father, GOODNESS COULD LIFE GIVE HIM A BREAK?

“I knew trapping that dinosaur would bring you here,” she said. “I’ve been looking for you in these caves for weeks.”

“Why? Who am I to you?” He asked, shivering.

“So many questions,” she mused, edging her head closer to him. She flicked her tongue at him, and he flinched back.

“Forest, all of Fjorder needs you.”

“What?” Forests head was spinning. “ME?”

“The land is in danger,” the creature hissed, lifting her head regally.

“So Forest, search outside of this cave until you find Spark. Then you and her will search for Rust, and Crimson. The fourth,” she closed her eyes, a stranger thrum in the air. “You’ll see.”

“Who? Rust, Crimson and Spark, who are they? What is going on and—wait do you mean I have to save the world? With four other carnivores? Are you a future-seer? How is that possibl—I’m not a hero! I’m just a juvenile Rock Drake and the only thing I’ve ever done in my life is play hide and seek and chase a dodo! I can’t SAVE THE WORLD!”

The basilisk smiled down at him. “You will.” And she disappeared into the shadows, as quickly as she had come.

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