The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

I noticed someone wrote to me in the Snail section and my heart stopped! Thank you so much for reading these! 😊

-Chapter 23-

She’s going to help us.

Forest smiled up at the Velanosaur, and she grinned back down. “You’ll really help us?”

“Of course, little Forest,” Ripper said breezily. “With everything. Where are we heading to next?”

“To the Dark Forest,” Spark said. “Hopefully we’ll find the fifth carnivore there.”

“Ahh, yes you will,” Ripper said. Forests heart sped up. She knew so much! He wondered why the Basislk never mentored Ripper.

Because she was in a hurry. Forest thought. Aaaaand she didn’t tell me that much anyways, just to be cryptic and not mess with her prophecy too much. Hmm.

The Basilisk—Peeri—must have made the prophecy entirely herself. Searched all the futures of different carnivores and found us as the ones that would actually succeed at saving the world. Wow.

“We will?” Rust asked. “We’ll actually find the fifth in the Dark Forest?” Oh, tell me it’s not gonna be a Terror Bird. Bleergh,” he shook himself from head to tail.

Ripper gave Rust a calculating look, something new in her dark eyes. “Everyone, if I may, I’d like to have a word with Forest here.”

“Why?” Crimson demanded.

“It’s alright, we’ll be back. I just have a few questions.”

“It’s OK guys.” Forest said, turning to follow Ripper. “I’ll be right back!”

He caught up with Ripper soon after, walking hastily by her side. He looked up to her. “What are we discussing?”

“Your friends,” Ripper began, “are they trustworthy?”

“You would know,” Forest tried to joke. “You meet up with th—Peeri all the time.”

“That’s true,” Ripper laughed. “It’s hard to find her in the caves, since she never comes out. But she told me to beware of certain carnivores. I just want to make sure. What is their position with Terror Birds?”

“That the Terror Birds rule the Dark Forest, and are trying to take over all of Fjordur.” Forest said.

“What?” Ripper exclaimed. She faulted to a stop and looked down to Forest. “No, no, no, Forest, you’ve got it all wrong.”

“What?” Forest sat down.

“I knew it,” Ripper hissed under her breath. “You’re friends, are trying to brainwash you.”

“No they’re not,” Forest said.

“And these Ben brainwashed as well,” The giant carnivore looked into Forests eyes. “New plan: you four are coming with me.”

Forest blinked, staring into her fathomless eyes. “Wait—wh—would Peeri want that?”

“I have a few friends in the Meadows,” Ripper went on, ignoring him. “We’re going to need to show you some things.”

“No—we just came from the meadows!” Forest yelped. “We can’t go all the way back!”

“This is what Peeri was talking about!” Ripper yelled. “You are all coming with me, and we will make sure you all learn the truth. The side you should really be on.”

“What side? What side?” Forest jumped up on all fours, lashing his tail. “Which side is Peeri on?”

“I’ll explain everything Forest,” Ripper said, nudging him with her tail. “Peeri will be there.”

This was almost enough to make Forest completely change his mind and run for the meadows. But something was tugging at Forests brain. Something wrong.




W r o n g.

“Hold on,” Forest said slowly. “You—You said Peeri never leaves the caves.”

Ripper chuckled, amused. “No I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.” Forest looked up to her. Youu said she never leaves the caves.”

“We will—we’ll we’ll go see her,” Said Ripper.

Prices were falling together, pulling and tugging at Forests mind. “Ripper,” he whispered. “Are we on the same side?”

“Yes,” she answered with a smile. “Of course, Forest, what’s up with you?”

“Do you really know Peeri?” He asked.

“What—I—yes I know Peeri. We meet each other all the time. Like i said—“

“She talks all about me.” Forest finished. “You mentioned. But you also mentioned that only YOU visit her. Not the other way around.”

“You misunderstood,” Ripper growled.

“No, I didn’t. It’s too bad I’m such a good listener. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t have noticed that you asked what our names were.”

“Just to make sure,” Ripper said, her expression changing.

“And you fumbled with Rusts name,” Forest continued, “because you were trying to remember what I had said.”

“Forest,” Ripper growled, “you’ve got it all wrong.”

“And now you’re trying to send us away from the place you SAID the fifth carnivore would be. Why would you do that?”

“FOREST STOP,” Ripper snarled.

“I’m sorry,” Forest said. He turned invisible, and Ripper let out a cry of fury. “I can’t trust you.”

And he ran for his friends.

To warn them.

To save them.

Rippers roars of fury followed Forest as he ran, but he was faster.

And if Forest was quick enough, he could save them from whatever Ripper planned on doing.

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