The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter three-

“What?” Forest backed away, nearly tripping over his tail.

“Leave!” The other creature yelled again.

Forest focused his eyes on where the creature was laying. He was actually trapped under two large species of rock, which looked like they had been hunked out of the cave walls. “It’s alright,” Forest said to him. “I’ll help you. You’ve been in some sort of cave-in. Are you hurt?”

“This was no CAVE IN!” He roared.

Well he’s crazy, Forest thought. Of course it was a cave in. He must have been hit on the head. Forest reached out to him, but the dinosaur snapped at his talons before he could get close.

Forest lashed his tail. “I can help you.” He said firmly. “Then we’ll find a way to get you out of the Drake caves.”

“No,” the other said, his voice trembling. “You cannot help me.”


“Because you’ll get stuck too,” this creature was making no since. Forest leaped over him, pulled a chunk of rock off his tail, and tried to lift the boulder.

The other creature was shouting now, slamming his tail into the ground and scrabbling his back claws along the rocks floor. He whipped his around as much as he could to see Forest. “NO! Don’t DO THIS!”

“I’m not going to leave you here,” Forest said bravely. He slid the boulder off the dinosaurs leg, then pushed the next, freeing him. “There!” He cried with delight. “Your free!”

Seeing the dinosaurs whole body, he appeared to be a baryonyx, growling deep in his throat and glowering so hard at Forest it looked like he might explode.

“It’s coming. It coming! It’ll get you next!”

With a few chunks of rock?” Forest asked. “I can handle myself. Now let’s find you a way out of here.”

“Already know the way, know the way,” the baryonyx mumbled. “I’ll go the way. You. Leave before it comes back!”

“Alright I’ll go,” Forest said, climbing around him. “Jeeze, you sure you weren’t hit on the head?”

Then the baryonyx shrieked, loud with fear, and stumbled back with one arm stretched to point behind him.

Forest turned around.

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