The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

Whew! We’re finally here! I like writing this and all, but these last chapters have been hard since I haven’t had much time on my hands the past week. Also a little boring. But still super important to the story—it gets much more interesting now!

-Chapter 33-

As the four carnivores walked through the deep forest of Runheimr, every stick and stone seemed filled with life. Ever step, every tail flick, and bushes rustled, trees shook, and lumpy shadows scurried out of sight as multiple creatures watched them curiously.

We’re being follower, Forest thought.

Crimson groaned, throwing her head back. She whirled around to glare at a young Microraptor who had been watching her for the past few minutes. “DO YOU NOT HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO??” She demanded, making him jump.

“This is their territory,” Spark said as the Microraptor flung himself higher up into the trees to hide. “they’re all wondering why we’re here, and what we want.”

Scowling, Crimson lifted her head to all the shadows around them. “We have BUSINESS TO ATTEND TO, LIKE EVERY SINGLE CARNIVORE,” She roared. “Hm? Now go AWAY!”

Rust rubbed his temples. “Jeeze, Crimson,” he muttered.

Several creatures leaped through the trees and bushes, leaving, but a few of them stayed, finding better hiding spots and keeping their distance from Crimson.

“Every creature in the forest is gonna know we’re here,” Forest murmured, slowing his pace to glance around at the hidden figures. “Even the Terror birds.”

“Let’s hope not,” Spark said with a worried look. “I don’t think they’d like a bunch of carnivores sucking up all the attention when they’re around. Maybe we should find a more secluded spot.”

“It is getting dark,” Rust observed.

“Where are we gonna sleep?” Crimson asked.

“Maybe we could find a cave?” Forest suggested. He turned to the hidden shadows behind them. “Anyone know where we could get some sleep?”

No answer. A few shaking bushes and claws scrabbling on rock, but nobody spoke.

“Hmph,” Crimson grunted. “Guess we’ll have to find one ourselves.”

Forest lifted the sack from his shoulder and opened it to pull out Needles map. He sat down and unrolled it on the Forest floor, hoping for clues. “Hmmm. I don’t see anything.”

“Maybe there are no caves in Runheimr,” Spark supplied.

“I don’t know,” Forest said slowly.

Suddenly, inside the bag, a bright light ebbed through the opening. He squinted and reached inside.

It was the rune. It was glowing brighter than before. “What the…?” He held it out to see.

“Woah,” Spark said, the green light reflected in her eyes.

“Why is it doing that?” Rust asked.

Forest opened his mouth, but before he could say, “I have no idea,” one of the bushes shook from his left.

And as he turned his head, a small, pale creature leapt from its branches, slipped under Forests talons, and snatched the rune from his claws.

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