Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 20

Jaxz carried Ping and flew towards where they last saw Bones, when they got to the place, Bones was nowhere near so they continued searching but eventually they gave up and made camp. “Ping you get the feeling we are under appreciated?” Jaxz said. “What does underaprisiaded mean?” Ping said. “You know like the others act like we aren’t helpful.” Jaxz said. “We are helpful?” Ping said, “I thought we were just here because we have no friends..” Jaxz just starred at him wide eyed for a wile. “Well we aren’t useless I can echolocate and see in the dark, and you can.. uh… fish?” Jaxz said. “I can fish pretty good.” Ping said. “Ya we aren’t useless! That’s it we can use our talents to find Bones!” Jaxz said. “What are you talking about.?” Ping said. “Ugh, I’ll explain in the morning…” Jaxz said.


“Alright we can ‘elp ya, if that dragon bloke is as bad as you say we gotta end him here and now,” the gigantopithicus chief said. “Alright boys we’re heading out! gonna go hunt a dragon with some fish-men, a giga, and some drakes.” He said. The gigantopithicus troop made some confused and grumpy comments, then packed up all their weapons and supplies. “Ok now we gotta meet the drakes and sea serpents at the floating mountain.” Nash said. The chief looked at him, “then let’s get a move on eh?”

Oh you wanted a cliffhanger conclusion from chapter 19, TOO BAD it’s called plot sucka! 😉

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