Heroes of pandora

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Heroes of pandora

Chapter 3 (I posted chapter 2 two days ago but I don’t see it so I may have to repost 😕)

Caesar gathered his things (his bow and quiver and a pouch with supplies) wile Ron, ate more berries “if we’re leaving, better not let these go to waste” he said. caesar taking one look at his old home.. scoffed and said “I coulda done better anyway” under his breath Ron went to walk out of the house, forgetting that they were in a tree and fell, the the ground, on his face, Caesar rolling his eyes, climbed down “you ok” he said. “ I’m alright captain.. ouch” caesar rolled his eyes again “ok then let’s go” Ron got up and started walking with caesar “any ideas on who we are looking for?” Asked Ron “well we did say crazy people so look for abnormalities” he answered “abnor-what?!” Ron said “it means not normal” he said “ohhhh I gotcha captain” Ron said “you don’t need to call me captain you know” caesar said Ron just stared at him for a second then kept walking “I don’t see anything” said the dodo “what was that?” Said the mesopithicus “who’s there show yourself!” said the meso angrily, the meso then looked around at trees aimlessly, then he looked at one tree, and pulled out his bow, an-and “OK OK DONT SHOOT” said the voice. “Who’s there and why are you narrating us!?” “I’m sorry” said the voice “I just like to narrate random people is that a crime?” “No but it’s creepy..” Ron said. “Seriously who does something like that” caesar said “uhh…. me? The voice said puzzled. “Captain he’s crazy maybe we should ask for his help?” Ron whispered “no not this guy he’s too crazy” answered Caesar. “Captain cmon if we turn everyone down we won’t have any help, we are fighting a dragon after all” said Ron “did you say your attempting to slay a dragon?” Asked the voice “yes-er-No!” Said Ron. Caesar sighed, “yes we are what’s it to you?” He said “oooh now that could be a thrilling tale” “probably a sad one” he whispered “but a tale none the less!” He said “I’ll come with you, and I think I know someone else who could join us” said the voice “ok fine you can come but show yourself first” he said, his bow still aimed at the voice, the voice climbed down the tree into the light, “hi I’m Nash” he said the voice turned out to be a sinomacrops he had a grey body with white underbelly his wings had navy with purple dots and his eyes were green “hello team” nash said

Wrighters note: just realized I never explained Ron’s colors he has dark gray body with black wing tips and tail with a reddish head🦤

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