Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 7

They were caged in a cell on the right end, three cells up,

Ping grabbed the Stalagmite bars of the cell, and yelled, “I was framed, I tell you FRAMED!!!” He shouted “Ping this isn’t prison, we were kidnapped by desmodus.” Ron said. “Oh right..,” said Ping “in that case, LET ME OUUUT!!” “Hey quite down in there prisoner!” Said the desmodus jailer, then drain flew up, “Oi Jaxz better get down here the meetings about to start.” drain said. “Alright be right there boss.” Jaxz said “no funny business wile I’m gone, or else!” “What’s funny about prison?” Ping said. Jaxz looked at him with his head tilted, then flew off.

“Anyone have an escape plan?” Caesar asked the other mesopithicus, “I had a plan!” One said “ok let’s hear it.” Caesar said “ok so we cover ourselves with our poo, then we can slip out the bars!” he said. Caesar sighed, smacking his hand to his head, he realized that he had been doing a lot of that lately. “I’ve got a real plan mate” a deep voice from the corner of the room said, Caesar hadn’t noticed him before now because he was in the shadow of the cell, his eyes adjusted and he realized it was a gigantopithicus “oh ya what’s that? And if it’s got anything to do with feces, it’s a no..” the gagantopithicus laughed, “ahh no mate it’s much betta,” he said “these blood sucking blokes carried me off wile my troop was foragin, they’ll find us.” “That’s your entire plan?” Caesar said, “wait and hope your troop randomly shows up?” “Aye that’s the idea.” He said. Caesar sighed again.

Nash followed them to the cave, were he watched them get taken inside, he was trying to figure out how to free them, by acting out each scenario, most of which one of them died, they all died, or in one case the others died, and he flew away and got eaten by the dragon, he was acting out a particularly unrealistic plot to make a desmodus costume, and sneak inside, then he saw a large troop of gigantopithicus cutting through the woods with machetes, “what the-” he said watching them. “ this is the cave those buck toothed bats dragged Darrel to,” one said, Nash assumed he was the leader, because unlike the others who were mostly black, and brown, he was albino and he had raptor skull shoulder pads, “alright now here’s the plan..,” he said with a pause, “we march in there.., and punch some bats!” The troop roared with cheers and battle cries, Nash couldn’t help but laughing, they heard him and the leader yelled “Oi who’s there! Come out!” Nash came down from the tree “my friends are in there too I want to help” Nash said “then why were you laughin?” The leader said angrily. “Because that’s not a great plan but it’s ok I’ve got a better one” the apes all looked at him confused “fine let’s hear it shall we” the leader said “ok here’s the plan.”

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