Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 18

Going down from the floating island was easier that going up, Jaxz carried Ron, and Nash flew, when they reached the bottom they looked down to the Pit Sea (name for the area under the floating island I explained it somewhere maybe in allo sorry if I caused confusion heh) and they saw Ping and Caesar on a small beach, They were attempting to climb the cliff face but Pings flippers caused this to be a problematic attempt, Jaxz and Nash flew down, got them up and then they made camp. “So your saying while we got knocked out, I had a weird dream, and talked to the sea queen, you guys met the dragon, figured out the same stuff I did from my vision, and got help from a secret rock drake rebellion?” Caesar said. “Yup pretty much.” Nash said. “So what is this plan you got from the drakes?” Caesar said. “I made some modifications to the plan to include your sea serpents, first we lure the dragon down to the ground with a diversion, then we attack from all sides with the drakes, gigantopithicus and sea serpents then wile the battle is raging on, you guys sneak to Fort Olympia and take out the dragons new friend,” Ron said. “with his obelisk plan out the window we can rally the other creatures of Pandora and kill him once and for all!” They all seemed to think it was a good plan, except Caesar didn’t seem convinced. “What if the Dragon just kills all our forces, and comes back to Olympia and kills us?” Caesar said “we need more firepower.” He said. They all thought about it for a wile, then Ping said “what about that Bones guy?” “That’s it Ping! we get the giga to help” Ron said. “And maybe we can raid an old Olympus outpost to get some guns for the gigantopithicus and sea serpents, that would certainly help.” Caesar said. Ron looked at the others, “guys I think we have a plan!”

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