Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 9

Nash flew out of the cave, putty stuck on his claws, “this stuff is gross” he said, awkwardly shaking it off his claws as he flew “ya it’s gotta be sticky to work eh?” The gigantopithicus chief said. “I guess, but seriously how do I get it off?!” Nash replied. The chief just laughed. “So how’d you big smelly apes, no offense, get sticky grenades?” Nash asked “we used to be tames of the tribe “ape men” before they fell to those Olympus blokes, and we still have some of their stuff.” The chief replied. “oh I see, tell me. why wasn’t this the original plan?” Nash said. “We gigantopithicuses aren’t really the planin type.” The chief said.

“So what’s your name? or should I call you gigantopithicus from the shadows” Caesar asked. “Names Darrel, mate, what’s yours” Darrel said “Caesar” he answered. “How’d you get a weird name like that? No offense” Darrel said “I was a tame.. labrat more like it, the “great tribe of Olympus” experimented on me, trying to make an elixir that could improve intellect, it worked, but it only worked on me for some reason, the others all.. died.” He said sadly. “Oh,” Darrel said, “so why did they call you Caesar?” “They named us all after some tale from their world, about intelligent apes that took over the world.. humans are.. strange..” Caesar said “aye I can agree to that I was a tame as well,” Darrel said, “they used us to fight their pointless battles. until Olympus got em, we escaped and made our own troop, we still have some of their stuff like those bombs, your friend just put up there.” “Ya wonder what the plan is with those..” Caesar said

Drain and Phasma were still fighting both bruised and bloodied by the bout “your nothing Drain, and you will die here.” Phasma said. “And you, Phasma are a waist of blood.” Drain said. Phasma yelled and lunged at drain, but drain leapt out of the way, he went invisible and as Phasma was looking around to find him, Drain grabbed a broken stalactite, Phasma saw the weapon to late, and Drain plunged it into his chest. “long live the count.” Drain whispered. And with a last gasp Phasma fell dead. The crowd, filled with anticipation from the battle, bursted out in cheers. “ALL HAIL COUNT DRAIN” they said. Drain held up one fist in victory, and the cheers grew louder. One of the bats in the audience wasn’t cheering, he flew away towards the prison guards office (a small cave cut into the rock wall, near the prison itself) it was also jaxz’s home, Jaxz grabbed Caesars bow, quiver, and bag and flew up to the prison he started unlocking all the cells, when he got to the cell that held Caesar, Darrel, and the other mesos, he threw Caesars things to him. “Why free us?” Caesar asked. “I’m not living under that fool, Drains rule, you inmates are my escape diversion, after that.. I don’t know.. just get outa here.” Jaxz said. “That’s not a great plan..” Caesar said. At that moment an ape- like battle cry rang out “TO BATTTLE MEN.” the chief called, the troop ran into the cave, yelling, and hooting, with spears and axes. The desmodus, shocked, and confused by the sudden turn of events, flew into the air in an attempt to figure out what was happening. The chief pulled out a detonator and pushed the button then discarded the detonator, the bombs blew with a resounding boom, and stalactites fell from the ceiling, the bats, completely confused at this point, flew around in a panicked swarm, Jaxz flew into the safety of Caesars cell, some of the desmodus were fighting the incoming troop and some were trying to avoid falling debris, the battle was brief, with most of the surprised desmodus getting hit by falling stalactites, or by spears thrown by the gigantopithicuses, and the others falling in battle to the small but skilled troop, the battle was won with minimal casualties, most of the former inmates ran for the cave entrance, except Caesar, Darrel, Jaxz, and Ron “nice job guys” Nash said flying in. “Thought it’d be more of a challenge to be honest, guess we really confused them eh” the chief said laughing. “good work Nash!” Said Ron. “Yes nice work indeed.” Said Caesar. “Boys! Thanks for coming back for ol Darrel!” Darrel said to the troop. “Of course we did.” one of the apes said. “Never leave a gigantopithicus behind!” Another said. “Wait we’re missing one where’s Ping!” Caesar said, they all looked around, then Drain came out from behind the pillar in the center of the room, Ping in claw, he held him up for them to see, “looking for something?” He said with mock concern. “Heh heh hi guys..” Ping said. “Oi drop the little kairuku!” Darrel said. “oh this? No no no I think I’ll have him as a little snack before i kill you all” he said eerily. “Wait.. SnAcK?!?” Ping cried, “I’ll show you snack!” Ping said he then swung towards Drains face, and.. well without going into detail, did something gross on him. Drain fell back, with a yelp of confusion and disgust, he dropped Ping, who started running towards the others, he was stopped in his tracks as Drain jumped in front of him “how dare you!” He said. Ping stepped back in fear, right on the detonator. A bomb that hadn’t blown went off right above them, and a huge stalactite, which was already about to fall, fell, Ping leapt out of the way, and Drain only had time to look up before his end. “Did I do dat?” Ping asked.

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