Protectors of Pandora

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Protectors of Pandora

Chapter 14 ~the cave of the hunter~

“Th-they ARE carnivores.. GET THEMM!” The amargasaurus yelled insanely, the sea serpents slithered away on all fours and the avians flew away as fast as their wings could carry them, the amargasaurus’s spikes glowed orange and shot out at the group, near-missing them and setting the forest floor aflame. “These guys are fast, for sauropods!” Nash said. “Yes they are!” Skyla said. “How do we lose em!” “Umm, OH yes now I remember, the amargasaurus are afraid of the caves!” “Why?” “They believe the artifacts are the prized possessions of some great predator or something!” “Wow these guys just keep getting kookier..” they continued fleeing for a couple minutes until Seascale said; “there! a cave!” They fled towards it as fast as they could. “Oh NO you d-don’t!!” The amargasaurus yelled, he shot a spike at them and it hit right next to Seascale, blasting fire at him, “Agh!” He cried, his men immediately slithered back to him and carried him into the cave under heavy fire. “AHGHGSHSGISHSNAGZGAHAFAGAJAGGSJAVAYAYSBSFGAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” The lead amargasaurus yelled, then he bashed his neck into one of the other amargas for no reason..

“Now what? We can’t go back outside, what do we do?” Nash said. “This is the cave of the hunter, it has two entrances, but we’ll have to go through the entire cave to get to the exit..” Skyla said. “Oh lovely..” Nash said. “What do we do about Sseasscale? He needss medical attention, severe burnss and a cut,.. he may bleed out..” a sea serpent said. “There are some herbs in this cave that could help, but they are further in, do what you can to slow the blood flow then we must move.” Skyla said. “So what dangers await us in this cave?” Nash said. “Spiders and bats mostly.” Skyla said. “What bats? Big or little?” Nash said. “Hmm bigger than us.” “Human or gigantopithicus sized?” “Uhh human.” “Ooh not good my friend Jaxz told me tales of that breed vicious rabid creatures.” “Yes pretty much, how about the bigger ones? Are they dangerous?” “Ohh ya, well usually, my friend Jaxz is actually one of them and he’s a good bat, can’t say the same for any other desmodus I’ve met..” “hmm maybe I’ll have to meet this “good bat” someday.”

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