The Omega Timeline

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The Omega Timeline

Chapter 2: strange new world

-by Wyvernain

Sheeri woke up with a start. She looked around her, the grass and foliage were purple but the trees were cyan willows. “Whe- where am I..” the ice wyvern asked rhetorically. “Home..” another voice said, her tone was very solemn. Sheeri looked to where she heard the voice, it was a pale purple and emerald green feathered rockdrake. “I’ve never been here before.” Sheeri said. “I have.. it is- was.. my home.” The drake said. “What happened?” Sheeri asked. The rock drake was about to speak when they heard another voice, “Oi.. what’s this?” The voice said. They both looked around and saw a managarmr. “NOVA!?” Sheeri said. “Sheeri? What is this place? Who’s this?” Nova asked confused. “I’m Genera- well, I’m not a General anymore.. my names Emerald.” The drake said. “Pleasure to meet ya.” Nova said. “what were you saying about this place Emerald?” Sheeri asked. “It was my home, the floating isle. But- it can’t be, Pandora’s gone..” Emerald said. “PANDORA?!” The other two said at once. “You’ve heard of it?” Emerald asked. “Ya, two birds came and said they were from around here, they saved the whole ark. they saved me…” Sheeri said. “I think I know who your talking about, but what about the others.. Nevermind, we need to worry about us right now, maybe some of my people are here too. We should try and find them.” Emerald said.

They searched and searched but it seemed the place was empty. “Maybe they’re in the caves.” Emerald suggested. they followed her to the cave entrance. The cave was dark, but Emerald had amazing night vision and led the way. They were walking through the caverns talking when they heard a noise, it sounded like a cough. They hurried towards it hoping that they just found someone else, they turned the corner into a strange room, Sheeri screamed at the sight. It was a dimly torchlit room, with empty bookshelves, it smelled old. And two bodies were lying on the floor, Dead. one was a desmodus and one was a featherless, jet black rockdrake. “Darkhide…” Emerald said vengefully. “You knew him?” Nova asked. “He was a traitor to my people.” Emerald said. “And the other guy?” Sheeri asked. “Never seen him.” Emerald said. Darkhide’s corpse started to glow a faint cyan color. The color returned to his face and he took in a huge gasping breath, then he slowly got up. He looked bewildered. “Traitorous scum?” Emerald asked cautiously, half expecting a zombie situation. “Ge- general Emerald?” He said in his deep voice. “You died…” Emerald said. “Yes- yes I did.. thanks to Salizar.. and you…” he said grudgingly. “You were a traitor!” She said angrily. “I WAS A HELPLESS PRISONER! And you didn't even give me the proper medical attention!” He said angrily, “You let me die!!” He roared. “Everyone calm down!” Nova said, “I don’t give a procoptodons furry- (Sheeri cleared her throat) about your old rivalry! We need to figure out what’s going on. Together.” She said. “FINE!” They both yelled turning their heads away from eachother. “What about him.. you think he’ll come back too?” Sheeri asked. The desmodus shot up screaming, he was in a cold sweat. And his pupils were dilated as small as they could be. He just sat there panting. “What’s wrong with him..” Emerald asked. “I take it we both died. perhaps his death was more shocking and traumatic than mine.” Darkhide said. Darkhide was right, in Drains brain he was just re-living his death over and over, one moment he was attacking a kairuku and then he heard an explosion, he looked up and saw a massive stalagmite falling towards him, then a flash of light. And then it repeated again, and again. The others tried to snap him out of it but nothing worked. Emerald told Darkhide to carry the bat, and they went back the way they came. They didn’t know where to go but they felt a strong instinct urging them to go in a certain direction, they eventually reached the edge of the floating isle and looked out. “This is definitely not Pandora..” Emerald said. It certainly wasn’t. It was huge, they could see at least seven obelisks glowing several different colors, the terrain was very random, almost like it was a puzzle put back together wrong. It made so little sense that there was a frozen tundra right next to a desert! They took it all in, completely amazed. A little ways down from the isle they saw a very odd city, it’s buildings did not match at all, the architecture was completely different no matter where you looked, some where modern, some where ancient, there was even an elementary school, and around it was a bunch of huts and a colloseum. But what they all fixed their gaze on was the building in the center. (Except Drain, he was still staring off into nothing reliving his end.) the building was a huge mansion, elegant and beautiful. But it was floating… they felt so drawn to in that they knew they had to go, so they leapt off the floating island and flew, or glided, down towards it.

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