Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 23

There was a knock on the door “come in.” the deep voice of the dragon echoed. The door opened and Salizar entered, “I have news..” Salizar said. “What is it?” The dragon questioned. “The creatures are planning a rebellion, they want to stop our plan and kill you.” He answered. “What shall we do Father?” The dragon asked. “What we do Apex, nothing.. we play into their hands.” Salizar said. “What?!?” The dragon said surprised. “Why would we do that?” “Because it will give them a false sense of security.. and distract them long enough for me to complete hacking the ark,” Salizar said, “I must warn you though, they have enlisted the help of the giganotosaurus.” “Hah I could gut that theropod with one talon!” The dragon said boastfully. “Then do so, anything to distract them and thin their ranks..,” Salizar said, “so how is the digging going?” “It took a wile to find the spot, but my rock drakes have unearthed the terminal.” The dragon said. “Good.. now all we must do is stall.” Salizar said “Muhahahahahahahahaa.” the dragon laughed. “What are you doing..” Salizar said. “Uhm, evil laughing..” The dragon said. “Well stop it’s annoying..” Salizar said.

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