Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 27 (starts in allo then through all creatures in alphabetical order)

“So is it done can we go back to normal life now?” One of the gigantopithicus said. “No we still gotta stop Salizar and his apocalypse.” Caesar said.

They climbed back up to the floating islenes, the sea serpents and bones stayed behind, (they aren’t climbers) when they reached the top they met with the rock drakes, the rock drakes where sent before the battle to track down Salizar, they now stood in front of the group. “Did you find him?” Caesar asked. “No, he’s gone.. we found this traitor though,” Emerald said, turning so they could see a featherless rockdrake being held by two other drakes. “Tell them what you told us!” She said. “Ok ok! Salizar is crazy! he activated the doomsday, the entire ark is going to be obliterated!” The drake said. “How do we stop it!” Ron said angrily. “I don’t know! All he said was it can only be stopped from the terminal on the red obelisk!” He said. “Alright well guess we better head to the red obelisk.” Nash said. “Blimey! But we just climbed up here!” One of the gigantopithicus said.

(Short one I know, but it seems like a good stop point, next one should be plenty long)

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