Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 8

The cave had red crystals that gave the room an eerie glow, with the cells on the left, and a pillar in the center, in the back there was a large crystal perch near the ceiling, with large stalagmites on the floor, Count Phasma was seated on the red crystal perch, with his subjects below him seated on the stalagmites. “Vwe gather here today for two reasons,” the Count boomed “one, to mourn the loss of my most trusted advisor..,” he said sadly “who BETRAYED ME by selling secrets to our enemy the onyc hoard!” He yelled. The crowd booed, “now now,” he said silencing them “do not vworry my friends he suffered his fate,” he gestured to a desmodus skeleton on a stalagmite, “and the onycs have been fed false information, So the problem has been used to our advantage.” He said and the crowd cheered. “quiet down you lot!” Said Drain, perched to the right of the Count. “Second we must consider a major problem. the dragon,” the crowd exploded, as everyone started talking at once. “SILENCE!” The Count yelled with a threatening tone, “do you fear the dragon?” The Count questioned, “well you should. that is why for the time being, we are retreating to the lower caverns.” He said. “What?” Drain whispered, looking at the Count, confusion and anger evident on his face. “This is not what we planned, we were supposed to fight!” He said. “Now now drain this is for the best.” The count answered in a dismissive tone. “YOU COWARD!” Drain yelled, the crowd looked up at the perch, “DRAIN, remember your place!” The Count said angrily, he didn’t like being called a coward, even though it was true. “You know what I think, I think it’s time for a change of leadership!” Drain yelled looking at the crowd, “Count Phasma has ruled for years with cowardice. the onyc hoard for instance, they are weak, AND HE WONT EVEN MAKE A MOVE!” He yelled pointing at the Count, “how much longer are we going to listen to this fool! I think it’s time for a new Count A COUNT WHO WILL FIGHT FOR THE DESMODUS!” The crowd cheered ferociously some yelling “down with Phasma!” And some chanting “Count Drain! Count Drain!” Count Phasma, now with the fear of loosing his empire, said “but I am the largest and the largest is the Count!” He said. The crowd booed, “you are only the largest because you drank the blood of the broodmother! when she was slayed by the humans! But I will drink the blood of THE DRAGON! I SHALL BE KNOWN AS, COUNT DRAIN THE DRAGON SLAYER!” the crowd exploded with cheers “you dare challenge me!?!!” Phasma said furiously. “Yes I do.. phasma” he said leaving the title “Count” out of his name. “How dare you defy me!” The count said standing tall. “You shall pay!” He leaped at Drain, biting his shoulder, Drain yelped in shock then bit back, wounding Phasmas wing, “ahh so these are desmodus politics.. fascinating” Caesar said “how much you wanna bet this kinda thing happens often eh?” Said the gigantopithicus “a lot I’d say” said Caesar. The inmates were watching the battle, when Caesar noticed something on the ceiling, it was Nash, setting some things on the ceiling, he was too far for Caesar to see clearly, he only noticed Nash because of his bright colors, Caesar pointed to him “look over there” he said “Aye those are my troops bombs! But what’s a little sinomacrops doin with em?” The gigantopithicus said. “I have no idea..” Caesar replied

Writers note- Count Phasma is larger, almost twice the size of the other desmodus, because he drank the element infused blood of the broodmother, which mutated him, so he is significantly larger and stronger than the others.

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