Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 30 ~the final chapter~

…Of book 1

“Are you sure we should just step through this portal thing?” Jaxz said, “we don’t even know what’s on the other side.” He said. “Your right.. Ping you want to go first?” Caesar said. “Oh come on Ceasar!” Nash said. “Kidding kidding! We’ll all go together.” Caesar said. The gigantic portal stood before them, buzzing and pulsing they looked at each others faces… then ran straight into it, the other creatures followed closely behind them. Caesar saw a white flash, then it was just neon hexagons everywhere, then the hexagons went away, revealing a hallway, made entirely out of the silver metal they saw before, cyan lights, and shining consoles all over the room, there was holograms of the earth, humans and dinos alike. They could not believe what they were seeing. “What is this place?” Ron said. “I have no idea, but we need to keep moving.” Caesar said. They continued down the hall, they passed a room that seemed to be an observatory into the guardians domains, Caesar felt a shiver go down his spine at the sight of the dragons lair. then they reached another gateway, it was smashed in, scorch marks covered the fallen door, the same marks from Before. “Salizar..” Caesar said. They entered the room, it was obvious a battle took place here, dead robots and Tek raptors were strewn about, scorch marks and smoke, fallen wires, you name it. One object caught Caesars eye more than the others, a large peice of metal that resembled the implants that are on humans wrists, he walked up to it and reached his hand out, the second he tapped it it activated “INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT.” It said as it rose, “INTRUDER ALE- oh it’s you guys.” It said in a British accent. Caesar then remembered the dream he had a wile back. “you where the voice in my dream!” He said. “The one who told me about Salizars plan! Only you didn’t mention Salizar..” “yes, that is because I had no knowledge of this Salizar, before he just attacked me.” It said. “I only knew of the glitch in the system that created the dragon, and locked me out of the ark controls. I had no knowledge of who was at fault.” It said. “What are you?” Nash asked. “I am the Overseer, I am the well overseer of this ark,.. or what’s left of it.” The Overseer floated towards the glass of the observatory, and looked down at Pandora. The others followed, sadly looking down at the fire and ash that was once their home, there was nothing left. “We failed..” Ron said. “What? No, you have just not finished.” The Overseer said. “What do you mean?” Caesar said. “I mean look at what you did, you killed the dragon, saved most of the creatures and escaped!” The Overseer said. “But to what avail, the ark is gone, and where will all the creatures going to live?” Nash said. “I can take care of the creatures, there are other arks you know,” The Overseer said, “what I need from you is to stop that mesopithicus, before he causes any more damage.” “Ok.” Some of the group said. Then Ping walked up to the Overseer. “But like how?!”

Ok that’s all, Book one is complete, this is an end but also new beginning. Book 2 will begin with the epilogue/prologue in master controller section, It’s going to be titled… Protectors of Pandora

Just realized the the first book is HoP and the second will be PoP.. that’s a 🤦🏻‍♂️ On my part… 😂


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