Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 6

They were taken to a cave, it was so large that a rex could fit inside, but the tunnel narrowed slightly as they went through, the desmodus, led them through the tunnels, until they reached a fork in the passage, “vwhich vway vwaz it again?” One said. “I think it was left” another said. “No i think it vwaz right.” The first said. “You fools,” Drain said, he sucked in a breath, and made a loud shriek, then twitched his ear in different directions, “it’s left.” He said “HAH told ya Phax.” The second said. “Shut your blood hole Nickoli!” Phax said. “Both of you idiots shut up!” Said Drain.

They marched down the halls, until they reached a large room, stalagmites, and stalactites, lining the floor, and ceilings, “WE’RE HERE AND WE BROUGHT GUESTS.” Drain yelled, that moment, hundreds of desmodus dropped from the ceiling, some cackling, and chuckling, then a large desmodus dropped down, kicking dust all around, with the force of his landing, “vwelcome back Drain,” he said, he looked at the group, “hmm zmall prey, but..,” he sniffed the air, “such exotic blood..,” he looked at Drain “good vwork.” “Thank you Count.” Drain said. “Vwelcome honored guezts, to our home vwe hope you enjoy your stay,” he gave a crooked grin “you’ll stay for dinner, yez?” “Actually can we go, I’m not hungy.” Ping said. “SILENCE FOOL HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO COUNT PHASMA!” Drain screeched. “Now, now, drain, it’s alright our guezts are allowed, to speak their mind,” the count said. “Sorry count Phasma.” Drain said. “But I suggezt you stay, you’ll have front row seats for the meeting.” “What meeting.” Caesar said, the count just glanced at him, then looked back to drain, “take them to their seatz, pleaze.” The count said, Drain complied, walking them to the left of the cave, which had square cells cut into the stone of the wall, they were in a 5 by 8 grid, from floor to ceiling, there were many creatures in the cells, at least 25 or so, the group was all thrown in the same cell, besides Caesar, he was put in a cell with other mesopithicus, “enjoy the little time you have left,” drain said “honored guests.” He said sarcastically, he flew away chuckling as he went. “This is not good..” said Ron

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