Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 12 (there’s also a thing I posted in allo, very important especially if you read “the ark called Pandora” map thing)

The giganotosaurus was sleeping, but they were staring at its face, none dared to move, not even the usually clueless Ping, “what.. do.. we.. do..” Jaxz whispered. “Run?” Ron said. “No it’ll hear us, our best bet is to back away slowly.” Nash said. They all backed away as slow as possible, then a microraptor ran down a tree and said, “ha ha look at these dumbies, Jimmy.” It said “What am I lookin at Tommy?” The microraptor called Jimmy said, “ohhh I see a couple o mimes, ha! hey do da box thing, I like that!” Jimmy said. “Ya ya do the box thing!” Tommy said. “Shut up stupid microraptors!” Caesar whispered. “Hey what kinda mime are you! Ya can’t talk,.” jimmy said. “Ya what gives?” Tommy said. “You two are gonna get us all killed!!” Ron whispered angrily. “What are they talking about tommy?” Jimmy said. “I don’t know jimmy,” tommy said “HEY BOZOS MIMES CANT TALK!” Jimmy yelled.

At that moment the giganotosaurus sprang up, grumbling angrily, —clearly annoyed that he was awakened— “ohh they weren’t mimes.” Tommy said. “Oops,” jimmy said “FLY AWAY!!” He yelled. “I hate microraptors.” Caesar said. “who Dares! Wake up bones! I’ll have your hide!” The giga, apparently named bones exclaimed, “it wasn’t us, it was those microraptors.” Ping said. Caesar smacked his forehead once again, “ahh I see the idiot bird blames it on the other idiot birds.” Bones said. —the giganotosaurus clearly didn’t know, nor care that microraptors aren’t birds— He had a very deep, but ominously elegant voice. “Your a strange group aren’t you..” Bones said. “How did you get your name?” Ping said. “Because when I hunt all that’s left is the bones!” Bones boasted. —truthfully it was because he was an R-giga with white back print, and jet black everywhere else— “ooh! that means I could get the name “fish bones” I like that!” Ping said. “Silence fool!” Bones said. “Your lucky I just had my lunch, otherwise you’d be dead, but I will kill you none the less if you don’t leave me to my rest!” Bones said, slightly angered, “yes we will be on our way.” Jaxz said “LEAVE ALREADY!” Bones roared. They ran away like a gallimimus running from a raptor pack.

Writers note: this was a short one but integral to the storyline.hope you enjoyed it (especially the microraptors 😂) bones has an important role to play. —wyvernian

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