The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter 7-

“Hello?” The Carno said, stepping closer. “Are you alright?”

Forest blinked several times, then asked, “you name is Spark?”

“Yeah,” the Carno said, sounding confused. “That’s a pretty common Carno name.”

“Why did you save me?” He blurted.

“Well,” she sighed, tossing her head. “I suppose it instinct, really. See a creature in need, help him out. Wouldn’t you do that?”

Forest stared at her.

“So, friend, you’re probably wondering why I’m alone at such a young age.”

“Uhh…” Forest said. “Am I?”

“The reason is I kind of ran away,” she droned on. “Let’s say my parents are not too great. It’s a Carno thing, actually. But I don’t want to be like them. What are you anyway?”Her scales where a dull white with specks of orange, like scattering fireflies.

Forest realized she had asked him a question, and was waiting for an answer. “I’m a Drake. My name is Forest.”

“A DRAKE?” She echoed. “What is a cave-dwelling germaphobe of a creature doing out here?” She stood up high, spreading her small arms to the landscape around her.

“Um—“ before he could answer, she spoke over him, “Hold on, before you answer, let’s find another, more private spot.” She said. “There’s probably like a hundred Compys eavesdropping right now. Follow me?”

Forest walked shortly behind her as she took them to a large tree with long, draping leaves that reached the ground. She bent over and pushed through, and he followed.

“Tada!” She said, turning in a circle. “See? Private. Now we can talk somewhere no one else can hear.”

“Oh,” Forest said. “Thanks.”

“Soooo… why are you out in the forest, Forest?” She asked, sitting down on her haunches.

“It’s um, a really long story,” Forest said.”

“So you ran away too?”

“What?” Forest said. “No—well, I guess,” he was starting to feel guilty now.

“Hm!” Spark regarded him for a moment with sparkling green eyes. “We’ll, you seem like nice guy. So. Could I join your story?”

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