The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter 5- Last chapters were in Achitna, Allo, and other tamables in alphabetical order

-written by Moon

Curled up on his ledge, Forest gazed down at his two sleeping sisters on the moss covered floor below them. The basilisks voice filled his head, and he couldn’t chase it off.

Fjordur needs you…

You will save the world…

How? Forest caught himself thinking. How could I save the world, of all creatures? I’m just a silly juvenile Rock drake that’s spent most of his day playing hide and seek and being teased by his sisters.

And… how could I save the world from down here? He glanced at his sisters, breathing deeply in their sleep. I… I couldn't leave them.

Even if you had to save the world? He could hear the basilisks whispers much too clearly.

Forest slammed his eyes shut. With all these words and thoughts and… WORRY in his brain, sleep was a long ways away.


Forest was startled awake. His sisters were muttering sleepily, shifting in their spots, mother and father were in the next cave over, but he could hear sleepy mumbles and sighs coming from them as well.

Should I leave?

Forest sat up quietly at the thought.

Like, right now?

I have to save the world, apparently.

But my family…

Forest slid off his ledge, making a final decision. He breathed in deeply, and padded down the cavern hall to their study room. Small glow worms wiggled on the walls around him. He slowly made way into the smallest cave, which he could barely squeeze into.

In the cave, was a small plant.

It was the first and only plant Forest had ever seen. That was one thing his sisters would tease him about. His name. Forest.

He was a walking joke, in the dark, leafless caves. But when he found this plant, the adults let him keep it alive.

Carefully he tore the largest leaf off the plant, trying not to hurt any other part. He turned and walked another cavern. The one where he and his sisters would burn rotting sticks. He grabbed a chunk of charcoal from the floor and scraped a note acrossed the leaf, writing:

Gone to save the world. Can’t explain now. Be back soon, stay safe.

love you guys.


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