The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter 7-

Last one was in ankylo and others before it in tamables alphabeticaly.


The first thing Forest could see was only light—bright light, white and gold and stinging at his eyes like a billion glow worms encircling him.

But then his eyes adjusted, and as cool air whistled by him, slowly giant plants taller than himself followed, and small black birds flew passed his snout.

It’s beautiful out here.

Forest stood up on his talons, digging his claws into the grass. Holy mother of Araneos. He thought, glancing down at the dirt on his claws. Dirt! Grass! So much GREEN oh my gosh is that a pteranodon? Are these how big trees can get? And Is that a WORM WHAT THE HECK—“Ack!” He leapt back onto the nearest boulder away from the slimy wiggling thing.

A nearby moschops squinted skeptically at him, then continued digging up roots nearby. She paused, her snout half in a bush, and then huffed and walked away. “Sorry,” he called. “Was I loud? Am I not supposed to be loud?” Goodness i’m being loud now shut up Forest. He sat on the boulder and stared at the ground for a while.

Now what? He curled his tail around talons, thinking. I have to find other creatures… but the basilisk only said their names! Am I supposed to just walk around asking everyone their name? That would be kinda creepy.

A large cracking sound came from above him, and he looked up to see a giant branch bigger than himself dangling on its last fiber. Oh dear—


Something hard and scaly slammed into him, pushing him away from the falling branch. He fell into the grass face first and lay there, groaning form the sudden contact.

“Phew. Now that… that was close.”

Forest turned to see the creature that had saved him.

“Hello,” the Carnotaur said. “I’m still waiting for a thank you, but that’s fine. I’m Spark.”

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