Omega Timeline

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Omega Timeline

Chapter 11: suspicions

Part 2/2

-by Wyvernian

“the other creatures said you were killed in some traumatic way. So, what was it.” Aragorn asked. “I was peacefully ruling my horde, when a stalactite fell on me.” Drain said, obviously lying. Aragorn scoffed, “I think the only thing you just said that was true is that a stalactite fell on you, how did it really happen…” “I don’t have to answer to humans. I am I count!” Drain said. “There we go, dropped the act. Now, tell the truth!” Aragorn said. “What’s going on down here.” Slyveevee asked walking down the stairs. “What’s it to you princes purple.” Aragorn said. “I see you don't know how to treat royalty..” Drain said. “It’s fine.” Slyveevee said. “I see you woke up, and your name is Drain..” Emerald said walking down the stairs. “It’s Count Drain. Who are you.” Drain asked rudely. “I am, or was. General Emerald of the rock drakes.” Emerald said, “and I’ve heard of you, ‘Drain the deranged’ A ruthless power hungry Killer.” She said. “My reputation proceeds me.” Drain said slyly, “and your the great General emerald. I’ve heard of you. How was it that you lost your title, Hm?” Drain said. “Long story. Now get out of here before I make you leave.” Emerald said. “Why should I? It’s my home as much as yours, I even have a room.” Drain said. “There’s about 18 of us, and one of you. What are you going to do.” Slyveevee said. “Oh you’ll be surprised what I can do..” He said, then he went invisible. “Where did he go?!” Aragorn said. Others started running down the stairs asking what was going on. But Drain was gone.

“Do you think he is still inside?” Samuel asked the next morning. “Probably not, desmoduses can’t go invisible during the day.” Darkhide said. “This is a big place, he could be hiding.” Neddy said. “Regardless, we should all be looking over our shoulders.” Ariana said. Then they heard another knock at the door. “Seriously, more people…” Aragorn said grumpily.

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