Protectors of Pandora

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Protectors of Pandora

Chapter 36 ~gibberish~

“Hello? Who’s there?” The voice said. “Um, you have a package?” Jaxz said. Ceasar looked at him confused, and Jaxz shrugged. “What’s that shrieking sound? Who’s there??” The voice said sounding worried. “We’re here to find out how to turn off that huge drill.” Caesar said. “Who’s we?” The voice said. “Me and my business friends.” Caesar replied. “Oh? And what business is that..” the voice said. “Oh we’re in the nun ya industry.” Caesar said. Jaxz laughed. “Oh a smart guy.. what do you want with the drill and what is that shrieking sound?!” The voice said. “What sound? Can we come in already it’s scorching out here..” Caesar said. “Fine come in. I’ll be right with you.” The voice said. “So, why are you living on a cliff side in a human house..” Caesar asked. “What do you mean, “human house”? And if you must know it’s to stay away from the dangers of this wretched place.” The voice said. He was in another room so they couldn’t see who or what he was. “Is it a mesopithicus? Like one of the dumb ones?” Jaxz asked in a hushed tone. “Why would you think that.” Caesar replied. “Well you keep talking to it but I just hear hooting and gibberish.” Jaxz said. “What? No it’s speaking Arkian Just like everyone else it’s not speaking mesoish.” Caesar said confused. “Then why can’t I understand?” Jaxz said. Then the creature walked into the room, it was a human.

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