The heroes of pandora

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The heroes of pandora

Chapter 1 (there’s a prologue on allo read it first)

Caesar was a mostly dark brown mesopithicus, but with green eyes, and a darker brown back stripe, (like his namesake) due to human experimentation he had hyper intelligence. Caesar was jumping through the trees like a wraith, quickly but quietly no creature noticed him until he reached his destination, a tree near the ocean that had a terrific view, he sat there almost every morning, and ate his breakfast, tintoberries, he was watching the scenery when he saw a dodo fighting dilophosaurs, “strange” he said quietly the dodo ninja-kicked one dilo in the face, knocked it out, then leaped out of the way just before getting hit by some poison spit, the spit hit one of the other dilos in the face and it ran off. There was two more left, the dodo smiled his smile was strange, kinda creepy. Caesar found this show both amusing an interesting he wondered why this dodo was so odd. The dodo kicked one of the dilos, but it just got mad, furious in fact, the dilo was not having a great day, his breakfast had knocked out one of his minions, the other ran away after getting spat on, and now this dodo had the gaul to kick him, he was going to kill this weakling or die trying. He leapt at the dodo it leaped away only to be cornered, by the other for the first time the dodo was struck with fear. Caesar out of instinct, compassion, or pity he wasnt sure, leapt into action he fashioned a slingshot out of a twig and some old saddle leather he found, he grabbed a pebble and shot the dilo that cornered the dodo, the shot hit home, right on the back of the head, the dilo was out cold, the leader, confused looked to see where the rock came from, he looked at Caesar to late, the last thing he saw was a meso with a slingshot and a rock coming at him, the dodo was also confused until he saw the monkey, he just said “uhhh thanks” “no problem” said Caesar. “your a mighty warrior” the dodo said. “huh?” Said Caesar “your my captain now I will follow you forever”, “what?” Said Caesar. “Your my captain” he said with that creepy smile, Caesar now realized the smile was genuine happiness… he wasn’t a normal dodo for sure, “My names Ron what’s yours or should I just call you captain?” Caesar was about to answer when they heard a roar, a huge roar “what was that a rex?” Said Ron, “no so much worse…” Caesar said, the roar came again louder.. closer,“RUN” said Caesar, “hah I laugh in the face of danger!” Ron said, then he saw the dragon. A fearsome black and red beast, the roar ripped the skies apart, (figure of speech not literally) Ron then uh.. evacuated… and ran faster than Caesar had ever seen a dodo run *that’s more like a dodo* Caesar thought. The dragon snatched a megalodon from the sea and flew towards the jungle, then started breathing fire on the ground, Caesar smelled the fire and said “hurry!” Then wondered who he was talking to, Ron was way ahead, they ran until they reached Caesar’s home, (a large tree with a hole in it) Ron was already inside, and Caesar wondered how he knew that it was his house, the dragon ran out of fire and flew away, “that was close” Caesar said. “What was that Beast!” Said Ron. “the dragon” said Caesar. “What’s a dragon and how is it here?” Said Ron. “Humans” Caesar said…

-writers note- when I wrote “ripped the skies apart” autocorrect made it say “roped the skies apart” 😂 good thing I went back to edit the story -wyvernian

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