Protectors of Pandora

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Protectors of Pandora

Chapter 11 ~campfire stories with a side of kabab~

(it’s the 30th chapter!🎉🥳)

The group trekked/flew through the jungle, led by their guide, the makhawk chief’s daughter. “So I never got your name.” Nash said. “It’s Skyla.” She said. “So do you know where we are headed?” He continued. “I am guiding you somewhere aren’t I?” Skyla said.

They continued through the thick forest for another hour, then they made camp. One of the sea serpents cooked a delicious smoked salmon over the fire, and they ate appreciatively. “Ahh, your the besst cook I ever had Fin.” Seascale said, Fin nodded and went back to his food, Nash told a thrilling campfire story and just as he was getting to the hood part they heard- “WAIT NO PLEASE!! AAH- *sound of a flaming spike hitting a tree* “what was that..” Nash said. “Quickly! Put out the fire!” Skyla said in a hushed panic. “Hello?” A voice said. “Is someone there?” “Oh ~Insert profanity here~ Everyone hide the fish!” Skyla said in the same hushed tone, the serpents panicked and just threw the fish behind them, then something came out of the trees followed by two others, it was kind of like a diplodocus but with large spikes on its head and neck, Nash assumed this was an “amargasaurs”

And he noticed that the one that came into view first had a missing spike, though another was rapidly growing to replace it, that amarga opened its mouth and said; “well hello there.. travelers.. what brings you into this neck of the woods??” “Uh we are just passing through.” Skyla said. “Oh I see, and.. what have you.. been eating??” He said the last words with a very threatening tone. “Uh, oh nothing just berries.!” Skyla said, Nash could tell she was terrifie, and he didn’t think she was wrong. “just berries??” The amargasaurs said, he looked a little behind and to the left of them and saw the leftover fish, his face immediately went to a horrific expression, it was like if insanity could be a face. “You know what I think.. I think your LIARS! And CARRNIVORESS!” He said, his spikes starting to heat up. “Uhh sir I’m afraid you are v-very disturbed- Er mistaken! We are just kindly herbivores, ni harm here!” Nash said. “Then why do your friends have FANGS?!” The amargasaurus said. Nash looked at Skyla and said; “Good point uh Skyla why do they hav- RUNN!!”

-Writers note- I got the idea for the homicidal maniac amargasaurus’ because if you’ve ever played lost island you know that these things will literally murder anything that eats meat, like they will hunt down anything that moves unless it eats grass.

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