The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter 17-

Forest whirled around. “What was that?”

“I heard it, too,” Rust said, perking his head up. His talons twitched nervously.

Spark doubled glanced at the two who had stopped, then wheeled back and turned to them. “What is it?” She asked.

“I just heard a—” Forest stopped, hearing a hiss behind him.

“Be ready,” Spark growled. She bared her teeth and held her ground.

Forest went into camouflage, letting his feathers and scales shift slowly to the background. He slowly stopped to listened, then crept silently towards the small noises.

“Forest!” Rust hissed.

At the sight of a tail in the brush, Forest pounced and digging his claws into ruby-hard scales.

“YOW!” A long snout packed with sharp teeth snapped at empty air where Forest once was. He froze and stayed invisible.

It was that KAPRO. AGAIN.

“Found her!” Forest yelled.

Talons steps came there way, and Rust and Spark appeared. The Kapro winced.

Spark scowled. “You,” she spat.

“YOU,” The Kapro shot back.

“Who?” Rust asked. The Kapro snarled at him. “What?”

“It’s the Kapro you stole from,” Spark said.

“Oh,” Rust squinted at her. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

“Why were you following us?” Forest asked her, shifting back to be visible. The Kapro jumped.

“I—I—I—“ the Kapro had never looked stumped before. She looked… worried and… sad?

“Well?” Spark barked.

The Kapro ducked her head. “Fine. I’ll tell you. I wondered why you three were wandering in the swamp together… and I thought… maybe you’d bring me along.”

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